Troy Van Leeuwen

Troy Van Leeuwen's Biography

Troy van Leeuwen is a guitarist whose name is known by musicians across the globe.

The first band van Leeuwen was associated with was called 60 Cycle, where he appeared on two of their releases. He then went on to the group Failure until they disbanded in the late '90s. Shortly after that, Van Leeuwen appeared on the albums of many different bands, including Korn, Coal Chamber, Deadsy, and Crazy Town.

Van Leeuwen was next approached by Maynard James Keenan to join A Perfect Circle. Troy stayed with APC for an album and a half, Mer de Noms and Thirteenth Step, before taking the second guitarist position with Queens of the Stone Age on the "Songs for the Deaf" tour.

Though he is still with QOTSA, he is also fronting his own rock band called Enemy. Their first album, Hooray for Dark Matter, is available now.

Troy Van Leeuwen

Gear List

AES1500SA503TVLCustom SA bass