Steve Holmes

Steve Holmes's Biography

Steve Holmes has performed with artists Lee Ritenour, Dorian Cheah, Tony DoRosario and Mig Ayesa. Recording credits include Celine Dion, Jenifer Paige, Nidia Rojas and Gary Dourdan, as well as several recordings with his own trio "Altered". His instructional video, Shed Some Light, is available worldwide from Hal Leonard. Steve is the creator and Web master of, an international internet community for drummers. He freelances and teaches in the Los Angeles area.

Steve Holmes's Gear
Steve Holmes

Gear List

PHX PHXT-1007 PHXT-1208 PHXF-1615 PHXB-2218
SD-4455DW Weckl Signature Snare SD-4455 Brass Snare DFP-9500C