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When was the time you heard the sound of your heart beating?

For newly signed Hollywood Records recording artist, Shawn Hook, it's literally happened millions of times already.

With the upcoming January release in the US of his hit single, "Sound of Your Heart," Hook has already gone platinum in his native Canada and garnered over 2 million online views of the video for "Sound." Born and raised in Vancouver, Shawn started his musical journey as an emotive, soulful singer. With an innate talent for music, he picked up piano, guitar, bass and trombone as well. Shawn's music showcases his heartfelt sensibility for writing songs that the reveal poignant complexities of heartbreak and relationships. His live performances are equally as impressive, showing his remarkable depth and vocal range. So impressive, that Hook was nominated for a Juno Award as a Breakthrough Artist. With all this talent, and model good looks, soon everyone will be hooked on Shawn.

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Shawn Hook