Ryan "Junior" Kittlitz


Ryan "Junior" Kittlitz is a Canadian punk rock legend from Sherwood Park AB.  Ryan currently drums for Hollywood monsters, All Hail The Yeti as well as Paul Wileys (Marilyn Manson) Deveraux.

By the time Ryan was twelve years old, he was gigging the Alberta bar circuit alongside his father, the late Darrel Kittlitz. Then he was just seventeen years old he formed seminal Canadian hardcore act Compromise with childhood friends. The band would go on to tour a great amount, opening for everyone from American metal heavyweights 7 Angels 7 Plagues to Canadian punk rock legends The Smalls, their flight ending tragically in a horrific crash in the Taladega National Forest outside of Birmingham, Alabama, where both guitarists (Jordan Wodehouse and Daniel Langlois) would lose their lives. Ryan would break both an arm and a leg. Despite enduring severe injuries in the accident, Ryan persevered, and formed Savannah later that year. There are many times when Ryan might have walked away from playing music. After all that he had endured however, Ryan got back behind the kit, worked through his injuries, and came out a better drummer.

Ryan took a small Canadian band and toured in order to make a name for himself, recording two releases with Canadian giant Devin Townsend (Lamb Of God, Soilwork, SYL, Gwar), and touring along such bands as Hatebreed, Misery Signals, Townsend’s own Strapping Young Lad, and New York hardcore legends Madball. Savannah disbanded in 2012, and Ryan soon began what would become Machines. During this time Ryan also dedicated his time and energy to creating and managing a music program designed for helping Edmonton’s at-risk youth. The Center for Arts and Music program (CAM Program) worked with inner-city youth developing their music and social skill and has been hugely successful. The curriculum that him and his 2 partners wrote got accepted into the Edmonton public school system which is still around to this day. Ryan then joined Canadian punk rock legends SNFU in 2013, managing the drums for Japanese and Canadian tours. His time with the band was brief and he left SNFU later in the year to join Los Angeles’s All Hail the Yeti alongside childhood friend Connor Garritty.

Yeti began writing for their sophomore release "Screams From A Black Wilderness" and would secure the legendary Matt Hyde (Slayer, Deftones, No Doubt) to produce. Screams From A Black Wilderness" was loudwire.com #6 most anticipated releases of  April 2016.


Gear List

Stage Custom Birch Raven Black finish
SBT-1208RB SBF-1615RB SBB-2415RB AMS-1460SOB
800 Series Hardware