Weezer Takes Yamaha Avant Grand for a Spin... Twice

NASHVILLE, Tenn. (Nov. 23, 2009) Yamaha Corporate Artist Affairs, Inc. sent an N3 Avant Grand piano for an exclusive live performance of Weezer for Clear Channel Radio’s "Stripped," a streaming digital radio station that presents music from a catalog of live performances.

The alternative rock band's performance, which was filmed at the Hard Rock in New York City, was broadcast on Clear Channel Radio's digital network IHeartRadio.com, which allows visitors to navigate to hundreds of Clear Channel radio station web sites. The "Stripped" series has tallied live performances by hundreds of high-profile artists, including Coldplay, Alicia Keys, Kanye West, Bon Jovi, and John Mayer.

Weezer played the upright model of the Avant Grand, the N2, for a performance for AOL Sessions, which was taped in early November. The guest list for the session included rapper Chamillionaire, pop songstress and Yamaha artist Sara Bareilles and smooth-jazz king Kenny G. The band used the Avant Grand for their cover of Green Day’s single "Brain Stew."

The unlikely cast of characters assembled in Beverly Hills, Calif. – the setting for both AOL's West Coast studio and one of the band's biggest hits – to tape Weezer's five-song Sessions in support of their new album, Raditude.

Weezer has sold more than 13 million records worldwide to date. The band has achieved 11 Top Ten radio hits throughout the last decade, including three #1 hits: "Beverly Hills," "Perfect Situation" and "Pork and Beans."

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Weezer Takes Yamaha Avant Grand for a Spin... Twice
— The band played both the upright and grand model for AOL and Clear Channel Online Broadcasts —