Yamaha Drum Artist Dafnis Prieto launches Dafnison Music with new album Taking the Soul for a Walk

Hollywood, Calif. (March 19, 2008) With the release of his latest album, Taking the Soul for a Walk, Yamaha drummer Dafnis Prieto brings his career to another level by launching his own label, Dafnison Music.

The latest album also features changes in the size of the ensemble Prieto chose to record with. Expanding the previous quintets that recorded his first two CDs (About the Monks and Absolute Quintet) to a sextet afforded Prieto a larger canvas and palette for his compositional strokes. His new compositions are infused by beautiful counterpoint melodies over complex poly-rhythms. Distinctive and full of contrast and energy, they highlight the individual musicians' unique improvisational talents to great effect.

Prieto wrote most of the pieces in response to a commission from the Chamber Music America and titled them the Emotion Series.

"This music has a very emotional meaning," says Prieto. "Taking the Soul for a Walk is a journey to all of the emotions evoked by its titles. I have experienced these emotions as most of us probably have, and this music is flying through our ears before it touches infinity and disappears."

Artists who appear on this album are Avishai Cohen on the trumpet, Peter Apfelbaum on tenor and soprano sax, Yosvany Terry on alto and soprano sax, Manuel Valera on piano, Yunior Terry on bass, Itai Kriss on flute and of course, Prieto on drums.

"Dafnis Prieto is easily the most impressive young drummer to come on the jazz scene during the past decade. Possessing awesome virtuosity and astonishing versatility, since arriving from Cuba Prieto has made important contributions to the music of a broad range of leaders, from Eddie Palmieri and Chucho Valdes to Steve Coleman and Henry Threadgill to Claudia Acuña and Michel Camilo… Prieto's compositions are elaborate composites melding Afro-Cuban rhythms and modern jazz harmonies into music that is ecstatic and intelligent."
— All About Jazz

"He is extraordinary, a rhythmic stimulus. He comprehends the two most incredibly difficult rhythmic genres – being Cuban and being an extremely talented jazz drummer."
— Eddie Palmieri

"Dafnis Prieto has what makes a great musician stand out from the pack: highly creative and improvisational instinct, an awareness of how much drama the music demands, interactive skills and a commitment to keep on growing as an artist. I am sure Dafnis will be regarded by jazz historians and musicians alike as one of the most influential and groundbreaking instrumentalists of the 21st century."
— Michel Camilo
Yamaha Drum Artist Dafnis Prieto launches Dafnison Music with new album <i>Taking the Soul for a Walk</i>
Yamaha Drummer Dafnis Prieto Brings His Career to Another Level By Launching His Own Label, Dafnison Music