Yamaha Drums Welcomes Argentine Musician Charly Alberti

Hollywood, Calif. (August 28, 2007) – Yamaha Drums is proud to announce Charly Alberti, the popular Argentine musician who helped shape the Latin American music scene in the '80s and '90s and pioneered the implementation of technology in Latin America, has joined its artist roster.

"We are thrilled that Charly has chosen to play Yamaha drums," says Joe Testa, international artist relations manager for Yamaha Drums. "He is truly a brilliant individual who has carved the way in both the Latin American music industry and technology industry, and he doesn't seem to be slowing down anytime soon."

Along with his Soda Stereo band mates, Charly helped forever change the face of rock music in Argentina and established the template for many other Spanish speaking pop and rock music groups.

Nearly 10 years after the biggest rock band in Argentina disbanded, Soda Stereo is back on tour. The reunion tour wraps up in December, and after a short break, Charly intends to begin 2008 working on a new album with his band Mole.

Charly has established himself as not only a driving force in the music industry, but also in the world of technology. Following Soda Stereo's demise in 1997, Charly refocused his efforts and began promoting technology in Latin America. With his first venture, Cybrel Digital Entertainment, he worked closely with top computer and technology companies to bring modern computing platforms and applications to the largely untapped Latin American market. In 1997 he was named an Applemaster for his contributions to the music world.

The Internet boom in the late '90s gave Charly an opportunity to make an even larger contribution to the world of technology. He surprised the industry in 1998 when he invented the concept of Internet Time, which helped companies around the world better synchronize their online activities.

In 1998, he launched URL Magazine, a tech-oriented publication, and a record label by the same name aimed at supporting and promoting new musicians and artists. He also became the creator of Yeyeye.com, a music portal that quickly became the music entertainment website in the Spanish speaking world.

In 2000, he was selected by CNN as one of the 20 most important persons in Latin America's Internet industry.

In 2003, Charly decided to change paths once again and concentrate solely on music. Teaming up with his brother Andres, the two started a band called Mole. The band released their debut album in April 2007.

Yamaha Drums Welcomes Argentine Musician Charly Alberti