Yamaha Announces All Access 360 Contest Winner

NASHVILLE, Tenn. (Dec. 28, 2009) YCAA, Inc. is proud to announce the winner of Sarah McLachlan’s autographed P30 keyboard, as was seen photographed with her during her photoshoot for the Summer 2009 edition of All Access magazine. Congratulations to John Baker from Durham, North Carolina, the lucky winner of Sarah’s keyboard!

“This is the most exciting and biggest thing I have ever won, and for it to be associated with such talent as Sarah McLachlan and such quality as Yamaha makes this all the more exhilarating,” said John.

The NP-30 Portable Grand delivers Yamaha digital piano sound and simplicity in a new lightweight, compact design like nothing else you've seen. Its super slim design and minimal weight of 12 pounds makes it the most compact performer in the digital piano family of instruments. Six AA batteries are all you need to power up and start playing immediately.

Between July 31 and Dec. 1, 2009, contestants from all over the United States logged on to the All Access 360 site at www.yamahaallaccess360.com to answer a series of questions about three of the Yamaha artists highlighted in the most recent edition of the All Access magazine. The answers revealed interesting facts about the artists, such as what their favorite dessert and superhero is, and the answers were hidden throughout the site. The grand prize winner was chosen at random.

“This was our second edition of this contest, and our entries more than doubled, so we are really thrilled that our fans are learning about it and having the chance to win a Yamaha product signed by one of their favorite artists,” comments Chris Gero, vice president of Yamaha Corporate Artist Affairs, Inc.

Beginning Jan. 15, a keyboard signed by Isaac Slade, lead singer of The Fray and the cover artist for the Winter 2010 edition of All Access, will be up for grabs. Contestants will once again be able to discover fun facts about their favorite artists as they enter for a chance to win. The entry form will be available at www.yamahaallaccess360.com. A winner will be announced in late June 2010.

In the meantime, Yamaha All Access 360’s Facebook page will be continuously updated with hints as to what artists will be featured in the next edition, as well as announcements about upcoming contests.

All Access 360 was introduced in January 2009 as a way to bring fans even deeper into the world of Yamaha artists, offering an up-close-and-personal video perspective from the set of a photo shoot. Many of the videos also show a glimpse of life on tour, in the studio, or even in the artists’ homes. All Access 360 also reveals scoop on preferred Yamaha gear straight from the artists’ mouths, impromptu music performances, bonus photographs, links to their features in All Access, and more.

Yamaha Announces All Access 360 Contest Winner
—John Baker receives an exclusive keyboard signed by Sarah McLachlan—