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Matthew Jordan's Biography

There was never a time when Matthew Jordan didn’t want to play piano and sing.

Maybe it was because he grew up living next door to Tori Amos (or "Toe-y" as he used to call her). Maybe it all started when he was introduced to the song "We Didn’t Start the Fire" by a childhood friend. Or maybe it’s just because he just fell in love with his dad’s record collection...

Whatever the reason, by kindergarten Matthew Jordan told his teacher he wanted to be "like Billy Joel". And he never looked back.

Playing piano by the age of six, writing songs by twelve, gigging professionally by sixteen, and by twenty-one, a graduate of USC’s prestigious Thornton School of Music. Now, Matthew has a growing army of over 40,000 enthusiastic subscribers on YouTube who eagerly await his new videos - both covers and originals.

With edgy rock piano grooves, radio-friendly hooks a la The Fray, OneRepublic & A Great Big World, and lyrics that evoke shades of Jason Mraz and Jackson Browne, Matthew's songs appeal to all different generations of music lovers.
Some know him from his starring role in the timeless Five For Fighting music video, "100 Years". Others remember his appearance on the Vanessa Carlton episode of MTV "Duets". And many have heard his music on shows such as MTV’s "Made" and "True Life" or TLC’s "Candy Queen" and "What Not To Wear".

Matthew regularly performs at jam-packed clubs and venues all over Southern California including Witzend, The Hotel Cafe, and Genghis Cohen. When on the road, he frequents clubs like Uncommon Ground in Chicago and The Bitter End in NYC. Jordan’s most recent releases include his newest EP, Our Time, and the urban-pop single "Oxygen" featuring Grammy-winning rap artist Whitney Peyton.

Now, Jordan is playing keys and singing back-up for up-and-coming Disney star Sabrina Carpenter (Hollywood Records). Carpenter is a regular on the new Disney show "Girl Meets World", and will be touring and doing TV show appearances with her band through-out 2014 in both the USA and Canada to promote her new EP, "Can’t Blame A Girl For Trying" and a forthcoming full-length release.

He’s been playing Yamaha keyboards for over 15 years and couldn’t be more thrilled to be a part of the Yamaha family!

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Matthew Jordan

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