Matt Frenette

Matt Frenette's Biography

"Yamaha drums are the most consistent and melodic drums I've ever played!" says Matt Frenette. "They always sound great, whether it be in the club, the big stage, or the studio, I can always count on my Yamaha drums to help me lay down the groove. They are the foundation  of my sound I’ve developed over all these years"

Frenette's love of music started at the age of 5 while playing the bongos listening to records with his parents. Artists like Perez Perado, Tito Puente, Herb Albert, Johnny Cash and Tom Jones were constantly spinning on the record player. By the age of 10, Matt was learning his rudiments in a marching and concert band. Some of Matt's early influences include Mitch Mitchell, Ginger Baker, Keith Moon, Michael Shrieve, Danny Seraphine,Billy Cobham, and later influences include Manu Katche, Steve Gadd, and Richard Bailey. 

Alongside fellow Loverboy founding members Mike Reno, Paul Dean, Doug Johnson, with  Ken "Spider" Sinnaeve,  Matt Frenette has been "Working for the Weekend" since forming in Calgary, Alberta over 36 years ago. Loverboy has sold more than 10 million albums, earning four multi-platinum plaques, including the four-million-selling "Get Lucky." 

In 1982, as a member of Loverboy, Frenette went on to win a "still-record" six Juno awards. 

Matt's solid groove, versatile musicality and his visually exciting performance has created a demand for his appearance in many different artists' recordings, videos and tours, such as: Tom Cochrane, Bryan Adams, Kim Mitchell, Colin James and many other talented musicians.

Matt Frenette's Gear
Matt Frenette

Gear List

DRUMS: 10x8 12x9 13x11 16x15 ft 18x16 ft 22x18 x 2 14x5.5 Steve Gadd Sig. SD 14x3.5 David Garibaldi SD
800 series hardware