Matt Cameron

Matt Cameron's Biography

Matt Cameron started playing drums professionally at age 14 in various cover bands in San Diego. He took private lessons from ages 17-19 with Jon Szanto from the San Diego Symphony. Matt moved to Seattle at age 20 (1983). He played in a variety of bands, and instantly found the creative local music scene very inspiring. While in Seattle, Matt met lots of creative people, including neighbor Kim Thayill. Kim's new band, Soundgarden, needed a new drummer,so Matt joined Soundgarden and played with them from 1986-1997. They toured the world many times over, met lots of great people and won two GRAMMYs. Soon after the band broke up, Matt was asked to join Pearl Jam in 1998, and he has been with them ever since. Given any Pearl Jam downtime, Matt takes pride in his various side project bands(Hater, Wellwater Conspiracy) and studio work (Tony Iommi, Eleven, Geddy Lee).

Matt Cameron's Gear
Matt Cameron

Gear List

Oak Custom, Musashi Black with Vintage Hoops 24X17 BD w/ Natural Maple Hoops 12X8 TT 13X9 TT 16X14 FT 18X16 FT  900 Series Cymbal Stands CH-750 Boom Arms SS-950 SD STAND X 2 FP-9500C HS-850 DS-950 Club Custom, Black Swirl 24X15 BD 12X8 TT 13X9 TT 16X15 FT 18X16 FT SD-3455 Aluminum Snare Drum CCS-1455 Club Custom Snare SD-655ARH Roy Haynes Signature Model Snare Custom 10" Maple Side Snare Drum