Jack Mooring

Jack Mooring's Biography

As a member of Leeland, a band that garnered a lot of attention their first year out of the gate, Jack Mooring is very down to earth and focused on why he began to make music in the first place.

"Our responsibility as a band is to be a light to people and to fulfill the Great Commission," says Jack. "Secondly, our vision is to write songs that are vessels for the presence of God. Through our songs, we hope people experience God in such a new way that they are inspired to draw closer to him."

Acclaim built quickly for their debut album Sound of Melodies on Essential Records, with comparisons having been made to Coldplay, Muse and the Beatles. Fronting the enthusiastic five-piece Texas outfit is the gifted songwriter and charismatic performer Leeland Mooring, Jack's younger brother.

Leeland's music is recognized for the piano and guitar-driven tracks that contain layer upon layer of emotional majestic melodies and lyrics that attempt to reach deep into the souls of the listeners.

Jack Mooring

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CP70 (Vintage White) S90ES