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Dave Mattacks's Biography

Dave Mattack's discography includes 5 CD's with Paul McCartney & CD's with – among many others – George Harrison, Elton John, Jimmy Page, Peter Green, Mary Chapin Carpenter, Richard Thompson, XTC, Jethro Tull, Joan Armatrading, Brian Eno, Susan Tedeschi, Nick Drake & Loudon Wainwright.

His career started in big bands before joining "Fairport Convention" & he freelanced extensively throughout his tenure with the band.

He left the UK in 2000 & moved to Boston, MA where he continues to enjoy a full career in music, spanning live & studio work both as a musician & producer.

For more information on Dave you can visit his website: www.dmattacks.co.uk

Dave Mattacks's Gear
Dave Mattacks

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Absolute Beech NouveauWBD-1522J 22”x14”WTT-1510U 10”x8”WTT-1512U 12”x9”WFT-1514J 14”x12”WFT-1516 16”x16”SD-4455 14”x5.5” Brass