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Dan Moore embraces many musical styles, performing with new acquaintances and old friends from around the globe. An originative artist, Moore is known for his panoptic marimba technique, combining bass lines, melodies, harmonies, and free-wheeling improvised solos into self-contained musical realizations.

He performs throughout the United States and in interesting corners of the world, such as the International Marimba Festival in Chiapas, Mexico; the International Percussion Festival in Patagonia, Argentina; conservatories in The People's Republic of China; and in Valletta, capital of the Mediterranean island nation Malta. He enjoys collecting folk melodies and indigenous sounds in his travels and adapting them to his very personal approach to the marimba and vibraphone, creating what reviewers describe as "sensitive and respectful renditions of familiar works" and "affectionate and finely limned traditional themes."

Moore has long blended electronic and acoustic elements in his performances. His solo CD Now, Here, This is a collection of original compositions and treatments of standard and non-standard tunes featuring the MIDI marimba – a custom-built Yamaha marimba that he developed, as well as vibes, bells, malletKAT, drumKAT, Zendrum, Yamaha Cocktail kit, and a variety of ethnic percussion instruments.

Moore and long-time friends leading-edge NYC drummer Matt Wilson, composer and banjo player Paul Elwood, and the late wizard of the clarinet Robert Paredes have a project aptly titled Misfit Toys. He also has ongoing projects with Nashville drummer Johnny Rabb, Maltese percussionist Renzo Spiteri, and original duo partner Mat Britain with whom he has two CDs, Cricket City and Little World of Rhythm.

A fondness for vintage percussion recordings led to his CD Jungle Fever. Moore plays the music of his friend and mentor Dick Schory and his historically important Percussion Pops Orchestra.

Moore is professor of music and heads the percussion program at the University of Iowa. A native Texan, he was honored in 2005 as a Distinguished Alumnus of Texas A&M University – Commerce, where he studied with Robert Houston. He earned the master's of music education from Wichita State University, where he studied with J.C. Combs; and the doctor of musical arts degree from The University of Kentucky, where he studied with James B. Campbell and Ellington scholar Richard Domek.

Moore has been a Yamaha performing artist and clinician since 1996. He is also a signature mallet artist for Innovative Percussion, an educational board member for the Latin Percussion Music Group (LP), an artist for Sabian cymbals and Grover tambourines and triangles, and a member of the Zendrum 21st Century Techno-Tribe.

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