Chris Johnson

Chris Johnson's Biography

Chris Johnson was one of the last 70’s babies born in Los Angeles, CA. He was born and raised in Fathers Church in South Central LA, where he found his love for music. Drums came the easiest for him and he was able to play only in church at a young age. Marching band, jazz band, and other school clubs were also aids in the development of his craft. Chris is now working, playing, and touring with Motown legend Stevie Wonder and pop star icon Rihanna. He has also played and toured with Seal, Patti LaBelle, Mya, Heather Headley, Anastacia, and can be seen playing at his home church, The City of Refuge in Gardena, CA, when home off the road.

Chris is married to Sicily and has two daughters, Madison and Marlee.

Chris Johnson's Gear
Chris Johnson

Gear List

Live Custom HEXRACK Oak Custom NBD‐822UA 22" x 17" Kick NTT‐808JA 8" x 7" Tom NTT‐810UA 10" x 8" Tom NTT‐812UA 12" x 9" Tom NFT‐816A 16" x 16" Fl. Tom w/Legs NSD‐1460 14" x 6" Snare NSD‐1470 Loud Series Oak 14" X 7" Snare Groove-Wedge RMGW SS950 Double Braced Snare Stand CH750 Short Cymbal Boom Arms WS865A Double Braced Tom Stands TH945B Double Tom Holder (BD Mount) CL945LB Tom Ball Clamp CL940LB Tom Ball Clamp HS1200T 2 Legged Hi-hat Stand FP9500C Double Chain Drive Single Pedal TP65 Electric Pads DS‐1100 Hydrolic Drum Throne – Discontinued CS‐865 Double Braced Boom Cymbal Stand – Discontinued