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Brian Ireland's Biography

Ever since Brian Ireland was a baby, he was always moving his hands. When he got excited, he would flail them around playfully. Although a bit concerning to his mother, this was a tell tale sign of what was to be for this young man. Growing up in a music store owned by his father, he was exposed to music, musicians, and musical instruments on a daily basis. It was not until Christmas Day when he was 17 years of age that he seriously picked up a pair of drumsticks. He and his brothers got what they had asked for, a drumset. Without lessons or any sort of direction other than the desire to play music, he joined a band. Neither he nor his band mates knew at the time, but this would mark the beginning of a fundamental relationship and his career as a musician. Being a part of Something Corporate served as an education in music and the music business.

"Playing in Something Corporate is a joy, and holds a place deep in my heart." expresses Brian. "It is with this band that I grew up as a drummer. Literally, I have been playing with the guys in Something Corporate since I first started. The first grooves I ever came up with were for that band."

Brian also plays with his best friend and ex-Something Corporate member, William Tell. The chemistry between Brian and William causes a wonderful musical relationship, as well as an unmatched environment for creativity.

Between recording and touring with both William Tell and Something Corporate, Brian does work as a studio drummer and a producer.

Still at the dawn of his career, Brian has every intention of staying very active with his projects, along with others to come. He enjoys living his life and loves people. He is on the road quite often, so if he is in your town, he invites you to say hello!

Brian Ireland's Gear
Brian Ireland

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Absolute Birch NouveauBBD-1522T 22"x18"BT-1513U 13"x9"BFT-1516 16"x16"BD-0546 14"x6.5"