Bob Jenkins

Bob Jenkins's Biography

Bob Jenkins has been playing drums ever since he can remember. He started on pots and pans with wooden spoons. Moving up the drum chain, his mother thought he might be on to something and bought him a few toy sets, which he broke in no time. By this time, his mother figured it was time to buy him a beginner drum set.

Ever since that beginner set, he has moved forward with his drumming career sitting in his basement practicing for 3 hours a day. By 16 years old he was playing in local cover and original bands in N.Y.C. and N.J. Through the years he has recorded on several records and has played many gigs before landing his role in Dropbox. It all started with Back in Black by AC/DC, then moved up the drum chain by learning every album by Rush figuring out the drum lines by drumming great Neil Peart.

Starting off with rock drumming as his main staple, he has branched out into funk, jazz and blues just to diversify his portfolio because different drumming styles have always intrigued him.

Drumming for Dropbox though has brought him back to his rock roots where he first started.

Bob Jenkins's Gear
Bob Jenkins

Gear List

Absolute Birch Nouveau BBT-1510U 10" x 8"BBT-1512U 12" x 9”BBT-1513U 13" x 10"BFT-1516 16" x 16”BFT-1518 18" x 16”BBD-1524T 24" x 18”BMSD1455 14" x 5"