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Barret Harvey

Barret Harvey's Biography

Barret Harvey was born in Joliet, IL 6.4.72 and began his percussive journey at age 10 thanks to world renowned puppet rock drummer, Animal. He later refined his tastes falling in love with the styles of Buddy Rich, Stewart Copeland, Mitch Mitchell, John Bonham, Vinnie Coliuta and Steve Gadd. Young Barret could be found in front of the record player or behind his drum set … not much has changed. He has had the privilege of being a Yamaha artist since 1997. For over a decade, Barret has added his district drumming approach to the professional recordings of many different groups and producers. His current band is Burn Rome Burn. See what they’re about at www.burnromeburn.com.

Barret Harvey

Gear List

Recording CustomTT-908Y 8x8T-910Y 10x9TT-912Y 12x10TT-914Y 14x12TT-916Y 16x14BD-922YT 22x18Sonny Emory Sig. SnarePeter Erskin Sig. Snare