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Allen Gant's Biography

Born in Mound Bayou, Mississippi, Allen Gant started playing drums at the age of 8, shortly after his family relocated to Jacksonville, Arkansas. His playing experience began in the church. Although Allen started out as a self-taught drummer, he occasionally studied drums with the late David Randels and Atlanta, Georgia local Tim Nash. Growing up, Allen participated in the marching, concert, and jazz bands in junior high and high school. By the time he reached the age of 17, Allen began playing drums professionally when he was offered the opportunity to play for Dove Award-winning, Grammy-nominated Southern Gospel group The Martins at a concert they were having in town. Upon graduating high school, Allen went on to study music at the University of Central Arkansas in Conway, Arkansas on a music scholarship. While there, Allen landed his first studio session with local Country/Folk artist Mark David on his second album “Mr. Bones.”

In the fall of 2002, Allen relocated to Atlanta, Georgia. He attended the Atlanta Institute of Music where he has had the privilege of studying with the best of the best—Chris Coleman, Creig Herber, and Tom Knight. After graduating from AIM, Allen began teaching privately and playing with various artists/groups around town. In summer of 2011, Allen embarked upon the “opportunity of a lifetime” to tour with 2-time Grammy Award-winning hip-hop group Arrested Development in Europe. Since then, Allen has continued to tour with the group, including the band’s winter 2012 tour in Japan, New Zealand, Dubai, and Qatar. Currently, Allen is preparing to go out with the band for their 20th Anniversary U.S. Tour.

Allen Gant's Gear
Allen Gant

Gear List

Yamaha Stage Custom Birch, Honey Amber BBD622U 22"x17 Bass Drum BFT616 16"x16 Floor Tom BFT614 14"x14 Floor Tom BTT612 12"x 9 Tom BTT610 10"x 8 Tom BTT608J 8"x 7 Tom SD-4365 HS1200 SS740A DFP9500C l DS840 CS755 CH750 (Short) - Discontinued