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Born in Boston, Massachusetts in 1978, Shawn took to music at a very young age. As a dedicated jazz player, Shawn is also well versed in R+B, Funk, and soul music and is an excellent producer. From 1997-2001, Shawn attended The University of Miami. This was a period of enormous development in Shawn’s playing. While at the University, Shawn was a member of numerous Downbeat award winning large and small ensembles, numerous cooperate bands, and was an MD on cruise ships around the globe.

From 2002-2005, while living in Chicago, Shawn developed a reputation that led to a vibrant working career. Shawn’s playing truly flourished during his time in Chicago. Under the watchful eye of jazz masters such as Larry Novak, Bob Lark, Mark Colby, and Bob Palmieri, Shawn studied harmony and jazz improvisation intensely. Additionally, while playing lead alto with the internationally recognized DePaul Jazz Ensemble he played behind such jazz luminaries as Phil Woods, Bobby Shew, Wynton Marsalis, Jim McNeely, Kenny Werner, John Faddis, and David “Fat Head” Newman. The band had highly successful engagements at Chicago’s Jazz Showcase and aboard Norwegian Cruise Lines, “Jazz Party at Sea”. Additionally, he was in several local bands that were successful in the “jam band” scene, appearing at many regional festivals and touring extensively.

Shawn currently serves as the Director of Jazz Studies at Harvard-Westlake School in Los Angeles. He directs 3 big bands, 10 combos and jazz history and improvisation. An active performer and studio musician, his debut album “Waltz for Anne” is currently on the jazz charts and is enjoying extensive radio play worldwide.

Shawn Costantino is a talented multi-instrumentalist and educator. He is available for concerts, clinics, and master-classes, and plays the Yamaha Custom-Z line of saxophones exclusively.

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