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Yamaha Artist Services, Indianapolis


John Wittmann - Artist Relations & Education Manager

AR Responsibilities:
  • Brass
  • Woodwind
  • String
  • Percussion

Our office is responsible for all Band & Orchestral Educational programs and artist support. We administrate the Yamaha clinic program, Yamaha Young Performing Artists, Sounds of Summer percussion camps and the Band & Orchestral Internship program.

Yamaha's Band and Orchestral Division is proud to have some of the finest musicians in the world representing all genres of music, including blues, classical, jazz and rock on our roster. Brass, woodwind, string and percussion instrumentalists are supported by our division. Yamaha artists appear everywhere from drum corps to symphony orchestras, jazz clubs to conservatories. Yamaha is dedicated to education and works to incorporate artists in our educational programs. They present clinics worldwide, appear with the Yamaha Young Performing Artists and instruct in our Sounds of Summer percussion camps. We link hundreds of artists with band directors and music students across the country.

Yamaha's wind, string and percussion instruments are a result of years of interaction between artists and designers. Yamaha has established a trusted dialogue with our artists and it is through this dialogue that the refinement of some of the best instruments on the planet exist. Artist involvement in product development, corporate representation and education is of highest priority to us. We are proud to support the artists who represent us day in and day out as they expose the credibility of our musical instruments. Yamaha artists worldwide take the title of "Yamaha Performing Artist" very seriously because they know that they represent an elite group of gifted musicians as well as the team of designers responsible for their instruments.

The office of Artist Relations and Education for the Band and Orchestral Division is located in the Bands of America National Headquarters in downtown Indianapolis, Indiana. It is here that we orchestrate the support of our artists in the United States and abroad.

Application Process

If you have tried or currently play Yamaha instruments and know that they are your first choice of musical expression, you may consider applying for a Yamaha artist designation. It is necessary for a person to have an established career in the music industry if he or she wishes to be considered as a Yamaha artist.

Please send a promotional package to

Yamaha Corporation of America
Artist Relations and Education Department
Attn: Jennifer Vierling
39 W. Jackson Place, Suite 150
Indianapolis, IN 46225

A promotional package should include:

  • Current CD recordings
  • Recent photo
  • Performance bio
  • Resume
  • Letter of intent including the following information:
    1. Name, address, phone number(s), fax number(s), e-mail address, and group name.
    2. Do you currently play Yamaha instruments? If yes, what models/series? If no, explain why you seek endorsement.
    3. What kind of music are you currently playing?
    4. Are you seeking endorsement from other instrument companies? If yes, what other companies are you contacting?
    5. List any other musical instrument endorsements you may currently have. Also, please include your contact for each endorsement along with a number at which they can be reached.
    6. List the retail music store and /or personnel with whom you correspond.
    7. If you become a Yamaha artist at some level, what are your expectations of Yamaha?
    8. As a Yamaha artist, how do you feel you can most positively affect peoples' perceptions of Yamaha, Yamaha sales and music education?

If you are interested in support as an artist/clinician, you must also include:

  • One-page clinic outline
  • Videotape of a recently presented clinic
  • Information on your clinic fees

Once we receive your materials, we will respond as promptly as possibly. Most packages can take up to 4 weeks to review. Please be patient. These materials will not be returned to you.