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Alain Nkossi Konda's Biography

During the more than 29 years he spent in the urban jungle of New York, Nkossi earned himself a reputation as a hard working musician/producer within the NYC Afro-pop community. He is a respected innovator who effortlessly combines his African musical heritage with his new American homeland creating what he calls "tri-cultural pop," which is a combination of funk, soukous and reggae with pop hooks sung in French, English and Lingala.

His first album, Adiyoyo Mona Lisa, was released in 1998. In 1999, Nkossi became the first artist to be signed by Harry Belafonte for his new label Niger Records/Palm Pictures in collaboration with Island Records founder Chris Blackwell.

During the spring of 2001, Nkossi and his associate Jim Savitt set up their own production company Afrikool. Their objective was to provide the necessary tools that could facilitate the cultural exchange between African artists and their American counterparts. Under that banner, he wrote 18 songs and co-produced with Promoter Rick Garson (Michael Jackson "Thriller" Tour, George Michael "Faith" Tour, Rolling Stones "Steel Wheels" Tour) World Voice 2002, a spoken word album featuring artists such as Britney Spears, N'Sync, Aerosmith, and reading prayers from Pope John Paul II's private journals.

Nkossi is well aware of the power of music and his desire to communicate through it and transcend borders. He belongs to this group of artists who understand that music is the most wonderful way to convey ideas, feelings and passions. Music overwhelms him, devours him to the point where he manages to dominate it, shape it, and extrapolate it in such a way that we can perceive it as a universal language.

This is a language that he likes to share and which he transcends during his live performances. He is one of these artists we call an "amazing performer." During his stage acts we immerse into his musical world and can't help to let ourselves be carried away by the crazy swirl of his innovative style. The least that can be said is it lifts and stirs you up while keeping a great musical quality all through.


Awards and recognition Nkossi has received in the "World" category:

  • In 2001, Nkossi was selected as a Finalist in the U.S.A. Songwriting Contest.
  • In 2002, he won both the first and second prize of the John Lennon Songwriting Contest. A new re-recording of the prize winning songs, "Unconditional Love" and "Story Tellers," can both be heard on his new album Nostalgia by MDM GmbH.
  • In 2003, he was selected as a semi-finalist in the International Songwriting Competition with his song "Foot of the Hill." The same year Nkossi was a winner in the Nashville Christmas Song competition with his original track "Bells Ringing."
  • In 2004, he was selected as a Finalist of the U.K. Songwriting Competition with a new composition titled "Your Anything."
  • Nkossi won an Honorable Mention Award at the U.S.A. Songwriting Competition with another title "Bolingo."
  • And most recently Nkossi won another Honorable Mention Award after being selected as a Finalist at the 2004 International Songwriting Competition with a new title "Moment of Truth," which he composed for consideration as the official song for the 2005 World Nordic Championships" held in Obersdorf, Germany.
  • During his last visit to New York for a mini-tour, Alain received an appointment from Ambassador Maradona and Secretary General Dr. Alessandro Manini as Special Envoy in support of the CISRI-ISP Program Against Malnutrition & the United Nations System. (
First single: title "Bolingo" featured on the Brazen original soundtrack released on SONY/ Epic in 1994, produced by Grammy-winning producer Gordon Williams.

Featured on a track titled "KOKO" from the album Saturday by Deep House Pioneer Kerri Chandler & Jerome Syndenham (Ibadan Records).

Featured and co-wrote on two titles: "Afrida" and "Looming Large" from the album Gentle Flowers by artist Jasmon a.k.a. Lemongrass.

Adiyoyoyo Mona Lisa released in 1998 on Tabilulu Records & Freedomzone.

Africa-pella (Limited Edition) released in the month of May 2002 on Afrikool Records in collaboration with NetmusicZone distributed by Zomba/Rough Trade Germany.

His new album titled Nostalgia 3C1S1V is to be released this coming Spring 2006 under exclusive license for the Territories of Europe by the Munich based company MDM Music Marketing & Promotion GmbH. The project, which was recorded in Germany, New York, Austria and at Vibesync Studios in Copenhagen, Denmark, features guest appearances on bass by Jens Simonsen, who mastered the album and guest vocals by Pennie Christensen – both are founding members of the pop/rock group Bless. Also appearing on the project are Living Color members drummer Will Calhoun and Bassist Doug Wimbish, Keyboardist Delmar Brown (who has performed with such Superstars as Sting, Miles Davis, and Jaco Pastorius), Guitarist Jim Savitt, Vocalists Nicole Collins and Alice Sondergaard, Saxophonist/Producer Bob Ricketts to name a few.

Featured on Ramones Tribute compilation All Good Cretins Go to Heaven with a cover version of "I Want to Be Your Boyfriend." The record which was released in the G.A.S. Territories last March 2005 is distributed by CARGO.

His new 10 album series Afrobeat Cafe (, which was co-produced by Nighcast Recording Artist Jim Savitt, was released in August 2005 also under Exclusive License to MDM GmbH. It sold a little over 900 units during the first month of release. The project will be released in the rest of Europe after MIDEM. Publishing rights for the G.A.S. have been assigned to Edition One Louder/Global Chrysalis.

Current projects/work in progress:
Pre-production and arranging of the official 2005 World Nordic Championship Song titled "Live Your Dream" at Samples & More Studios in Rottach/ Germany with Engineer Stefan Buckenhofer.

Production of Bob Marley Tribute record titled A Timeless Vibration featuring various artists performing Mr. Marley's classic hits in many different genres ranging from: roots reggae, pop, swing, zouk, R&B/hip-hop, folk, and ballad – a true representation of the power of Bob's music and global appeal. The project is to be released in late summer (2006).

Executive producer and concept for:
The Diaspora for Africa: Vol. 1 benefit compilation album series for the fight against global malnutrition, which kills 40,000 children daily. 100% of the funds from the sales of the compilation will be donated to The International Spirulina Foundation of America. The album features donated tracks by various artists from the African Diasapora such as: Kanda Bongo Man, Lou Bega, Muna Mingole, Abdoulaye Diabate, Nicole Collins, The Brand New Heavies, Boom Shaka, Machel Montano, Lindu Mona, and King Kora. The Official single for the program titled "Fading Spirit" (composed and produced by A. N. Konda) is featured on the compilation. The album was released by KoolWave Entertainmen GmbH shortly after its launch in collaboration with Beyerdynamic at the Music Exhibit in Frankfurt, Germany.

Valley of Ethnic Dreams soundtrack: a spiritual and exotic soundtrack by K.I.F. a.k.a Kool International Friends. A very special collaboration album project featuring special guest musicians with whom Nkossi has collaborated with during the past decade.

21st Century Storytellers: where contemporary Jazz meets Afro-pop featuring guitarists/arrangers Jim Savitt & Alain Nkossi Konda in a very special collaboration.

Production and composition of a featured sports anthem track titled "KoolWave" for the ADIDAS official website.

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