home theater made simple...

The Digital Sound Projector is designed to be an ideal, slim design match for your video display set.

Although it is only one component, there are actually 42 speaker drivers inside that project precisely focused beams of sound aimed for optimum surround sound effect.

easy to set up

Setting up the Yamaha Digital Sound Projector is easier than conventional home theater systems because multiple speakers and wiring are eliminated. Placemment is versatile, with the Sound Projector's ability to be positioned in the front center or either front corner of the room. It can also be wall or table mounted for flat panel TVs, or even placed next to, or on top of, your video display.

an easy blend

It’s not just about how it sounds... it’s also about style, and how well it complements a wall or stand-mounted plasma , LCD or rear-projection video display. With slim, contemporary design, it becomes an elegant statement of the latest in home theater technology. And, since it can be used as an on-wall system, you can take the Digital Sound Projector with you if you move!

A subtle blue LCD keeps you informed of your current surround setting and volume level without interfering with your viewing enjoyment.

The Digital Sound Projector rear panel offers 2 optical and 1 coaxial digital inputs, 2 analog inputs, subwoofer output, and RS-232C interface for custom applications.