Kerri Sherwood


Thirteen albums to her credit, Yamaha recording artist Kerri Sherwood is a singer-songwriter whose music is honest and relate-able. Her vocal songs are real life and her instrumental solo piano (with and without orchestra) showcases a range of passion. Six of her albums are original material; as a composer Kerri communicates to her audience through melody and stories intricately woven throughout her pieces.

The additional seven albums with retro tunes, hymns, lullabies and Christmas carols also speak to fans who purchase them in hundreds of retail outlets around the country. Her music has charted on radio and is played in major and minor radio markets as well as in contracted music networks and has earned spots on highly sought after national listening walls and stations.

Kerri performs in concert and in appearances around the country in venues ranging from large theatres and festivals to merchandise and wholesale marts to intimate concert venues and cafes. In addition to regular concertizing (radio, label or venue sponsored), and performing/speaking forums, Kerri plays many benefit concerts for various organizations and foundations, including the Lance Armstrong Tour of Hope, The American Cancer Society, Susan G. Komen and Y-Me Breast Cancer Foundations. With her business partner, breast cancer survivor and speaker Heidi Kramer, she performs celebration concerts, including a program that affirms cancer survivors and a program that affirms women making a difference in their daily lives. Kerri's experience as a conductor for over 20 years and as a former teacher make her a popular guest speaker for educational institutions as well. New York native Kerri is currently based in Wisconsin.

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