Bench Recall

Yamaha Corporation of America (YCA), in cooperation with the U.S. Consumer Products Safety Commission (CPSC) has announced a voluntary recall of a small number of the Piano Benches sold between January, 2009 and November, 2016.
This voluntary recall has been initiated by YCA after it was informed that paint used on the interior storage compartment surfaces and the bottom of that compartment of approximately 900 piano benches contains lead in excess of the limits set forth by regulation. Children should not touch these areas of the bench. It has been determined that some of the piano benches identified below may be impacted, therefore, YCA is recalling all of those benches identified below. YCA will provide the consumer with a new, fully compliant piano bench as a replacement at no cost.

None of the piano benches being recalled were sold as a stand-alone product. The piano bench, Model No. 3 I PM / PAW, was provided with the Grand Piano Model GB1K PM / PAW. The Grand Pianos were sold from January 2009 until November 2016. Your Yamaha Grand Piano is not part of this recall. The paint on your piano is fully compliant with United States lead in paint standards.

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To determine whether your bench is subject to this recall, you can use either of the following methods:
  1. Click here to view a list of piano models and serial number ranges.
  2. Reference the diagrams below and examine the bench model and manufacturing date.
The first photo is of a Yamaha No. 3 I PM piano bench with the bench's storage compartment top closed.

The second photo is of Yamaha's No. 3 I PM piano bench with the bench's storage compartment top open. The white circle identifies the location of the label containing the bench's manufacture date code.

Piano Bench Model No. 3 I PM / PAW, with manufacture date codes ranging from 08 07 through 16 08 "YY MM" indicating Year and Month of manufacture are subject to the recall. See photo below of label in the bench's interior compartment and how to identify which benches are being recalled.

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