Electric Violin

YEV Series

A new kind of electric violin taking its design inspiration from the organic beauty of wood, the simplicity of clean lines, and the comfort of light weight, combined with innovative Yamaha sound to create this gorgeous live-performance instrument.

*Available in 4‐ and 5‐string models, natural and black finish.

Yamaha Electric Violin
YEV Series Introduction


Möbius strip-like shape provides continuity between front and back. Three-dimensional form is designed to appeal to the audience when performing live.

YEV Hero

"I can close my eyes and it feels like my acoustic violin"


The lightweight design, natural touch points and curves allow the player to effortlessly move between the YEV and a standard acoustic violin. The instrument's shape allows for most standard shoulder, chin rests and tailpieces.

Feel the YEV experience


Achieves a beautiful, smooth, organic sound aided by the natural resonance of the wood.

YEV Violin
Feel the YEV experience

Electric Violin

Inspired by craft and design elements of Yamaha acoustic guitars, Yamaha set out to design a new kind of electric violin made primarily from wooden materials. This instrument takes a design cue from both violin and acoustic guitar shapes, creating a beautiful yet amazingly lightweight instrument made with six different woods. These wood materials are carefully crafted with an airy infinity loop-like design, representing the dimensions of acoustic space, and is as stunning visually as it is fun to play. Using a unique Yamaha bridge pickup that carries over from professional Yamaha Silent Violins, this instrument delivers a smooth, organic and warm tone. The design incorporates a simple ¼" input to match the clean and natural aesthetic of this innovative electric violin.

Body Spruce/Mahogany/Maple
Neck Maple
Fingerboard Rosewood
Frame Walnut
Tailpiece Synthetic Resin (equipped with fine tuners)
Bridge / Pickup Maple with built-in Piezo-electric Pickup
Output / Controls Passive output, volume control, Selector Switch (Volume Control activation switch)
Tuning peg / Chin Rest Ebony
Strings D'Addario Zyex * D'Addario Helicore on the 5th string YEV105 only
Weight 104: approx. 550g / 105: approx. 580g

Connections and System Example

Connect this jack to a device with a high-impedance input such as a preamplifier, direct box, or musical instrument amplifier.

*The input impedance of the first device (preamp, direct box, etc.) the instrument connects to has a major influence on the sound quality produced by the speakers. In order to obtain the maximum performance from the instrument, we recommend connecting to a device with an input impedance of more than 1MΩ.

YEV Connectivity
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