SNMP (Simple Network Management Protocol)

Supported version and protocol

Yamaha router supports the following SNMP version and MIB.


  • SNMPv1
  • SNMPv2c
  • SNMPv3


  • RFC1157 (SNMP)
  • RFC1213 (MIB-II)
  • Private MIB

To monitor the network management information by the SNMP manager or the network management stations, you have to configure the SNMP settings to Yamaha router.

Terms for SNMP

  • 'Community' is a group for exchange of the SNMP information. There are two access mode on the community, read-only mode and read-write mode.
  • 'Trap' is a SNMP message to notify the status of Yamaha router.

Commands for SNMPv1

Command name Description
snmp community read-only Configure the read-only access mode community for SNMPv1.
snmp community read-write Configure the read-write access mode community for SNMPv1.
snmp host Configure the host to permit the access by SNMPv1.
snmp trap community Configure the community name for SNMP trap.
snmp trap host Configure the host to send SNMP trap.

Commands for all version of SNMP

Command name Description
snmp trap enable snmp Configure the SNMP trap to be sent.
snmp syscontact Configure the MIB object 'sysContact'.
snmp syslocation Configure the MIB object 'sysLocation'.
snmp sysname Configure the MIB object 'sysName'.

Initial value of commands for SNMP

The SNMP access to Yamaha router is disabled by default settings. It means that, the initial value of the 'snmp host' command is 'none'. The SNMP trap sending is also disabled by default settings, because the 'snmp trap host' command is not configured.

Notes for the community name

Do not use the login password or the administrator password as the SNMP community name. Initial value of the read-only community name is 'public'. The read-write community name is not configured by default settings.

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