The serial interface

Specifications of the serial interface

Communication type

  • Asynchronous serial…RS-232C

Connector type

  • D-Sub 9-pin Male DTE

Signal lines

Abbreviation Pin assignment Name
FG(GND) Frame Frame ground
TXD(SD) 3 Transmit Data
RXD(RD) 2 Receive Data
RTS(RS) 7 Request to Send
CTS(CS) 8 Clear to Send
DSR(DR) 6 Data set Ready
SG(GND) 5 Signal Ground
RLSD(CD) 1 Carrier Detect
DTR(ER) 4 Data Terminal Ready
CI(RI) 9 Clear Indicator

Default values of communication parameters

Parameter Default value
Data Rate 9600bit/s
Data Bits 8
Parity none
Stop Bits 1

Login timer

To avoid the console occupation by the idle user, Yamaha router watches the console input and forces such user to logout when there is no input while the duration set by the 'login timer' command. Refer the documentation of the login timer command.

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