There are 2 passwords for each the privilege level.

  • login password
  • administrator password

Up to 32 ASCII (ISO/IEC 646) characters can be used as a password.
Use safe and secure password to protect your router and your network.
Following guideline will help to create appropriate password.

  • Use long password. More than 8 characters is recommended.
  • Mix various character type, the upper/lower case alphabets, number digits, symbols such as '*' or '()'.
  • Do not use words which can be looked up in a dictionary.
  • Do not use words which are related to your personal information such as your name, birth day, family name and pet name.
  • Do not share the same password string with other systems.

Password in the factory default setting

  • RTX series:
    There is no login password or no administrator password in the factory default setting.
  • FWX120:
    Login password and administrator password are "doremi" in the factory default setting.

Never forget the password

You cannot refer the login password nor the administrator password even if you are the Administrator level user.
It is recommended that you make a memorandum of the passwords and keep it at the safe place.
Once the password is set, it must not be referred in any way.

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