How to restore default settings

Yamaha router has 2 methods to restore default settings.

'cold start' command

Execute 'cold start' command to restore the factory default settings. Administrator password is requested to confirm its execution. Once this command is executed, all configuration file on the nonvolatile memory is deleted and all commands are reset to the initial default value.

After these processes, the router automatically restarts.

Pay attention to the following:

  • It is necessary to enter the administrator password to execute 'cold start' command.
  • All connections are closed immediately, when this command is executed.
  • All commands are reset by initial value. Filter definitions and registered IP address are also deleted.
  • The configuration files on the nonvolatile memory are overwritten without inputting the 'save' command.
  • It is impossible to restore the configuration before this command is executed.

Restart by Hardware button

There is a method to restore default settings without using command. This method is useful when you cannot access into the router such as console, TELNET, SSH and so on.

Procedure of restoring default settings by hardware button

  1. Shutdown the router by Power switch.
  2. Boot the router by Power switch by pressing and holding the DOWNLOAD button, microSD button and USB button, at the same time. These 3-buttons are on the surface of the router's body.

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