Technical Documents

Basic Operation

Start configuring Yamaha network devices with these explanations and tips.


Explanations for routing settings to achieve a comfort and stable WAN access.


Explanations for physical interfaces and logical interfaces.


Various functions to enhance WAN/LAN security with Yamaha network devices.


Provides VPN (Virtual Private Network) which realizes security by encryption on a public unsecured communication path.


Manage the flow of data to achieve a comfort and stable network.


Manages multiple Yamaha network devices and visualizes the network topology to realize easy maintenance.

Mail Notification

Yamaha devices can notice exceedance and/or shortage of preset status. For example, the status of bandwidth, backup/route change, filter log, and IDS can be set.

Internal and external memory

In both internal and external memories (USB and microSD), Yamaha routers and firewalls can store configurations, log files and batch files to achieve easy and convenient management.


Customizable with scripting functions including LUA language, Custom GUI etc, which can be located in file system inside or external memory.

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