Smart L2 Switch, Centralized Management and Configuration from a Yamaha Router

Dante Network Peripheral Guide [English] Dante Network Peripheral Guide [English]PDF [1.1MB]
SWX2200 Catalog [English] SWX2200 Catalog [English]PDF [2.1MB]
Yamaha Network Products Introduction [English] Yamaha Network Products Introduction [English]PDF [5.5MB]

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  • All ports support Gigabit Ethernet
  • Management and configuration from a Yamaha router from a remote location


Management functions in Combination with a Yamaha Router

  • Manage switches at remote locations
  • View connection status of routers and switches
  • View and set individual port information
  • Configure VLAN
  • Search for hosts (PC and terminals)
  • Manage the SWX2200 by using a router's SNMP function
  • Detect and resolve L2 loops automatically

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