VPN Router Board



Products for Embedded Use: VPN Router Board

The colours and finishes shown may vary from those on the actual products.


  • Board product allowing easy installation to a device inside.
  • The same performance & software specification as RTX830 that enables to work with other Yamaha network devices.
  • Potential to build own brand products by integrating the router board.
    • Build security products by integrating security board
    • Embed high-speed router functions into various BOX products
    • GUI modification (e.g., Remove/replace Yamaha logo, hide some menu, etc.) provided depending on quantity and terms

Product information on Giga Access VPN Router RTX830 *Available in Japanese Site

Use Case: Embed in Industrial Equipment

Embed Router in Industrial Equipment

  • Space-saving by a built-in device
  • Visualize device connection status with LAN Map

Use case: Own Brand Router

Potential to Build Own Brand Products by Integrating the Router Board

  • Build security products by integrating security board
  • Embed high-speed router functions

NetVolante DNS Service

Dynamic DNS Service that Continuously Create Site-to-Site VPN with Dynamic Global IP Address

  • Yamaha unique dynamic DNS service (free of charge)
  • VPN connection and branch management using a dynamic IP address

Customized GUI

Potential to Prepare Own GUI for Router Configuration, and Provide Unique GUI to User with Customized GUI

  • Display your own HTML file using HTTP server function on the router
  • Save HTML file in router's built-in flash, ROM(RTFS), or microSD/USB memory
  • Change display of HTML file for each user ID
  • Enable to set router configuration by inputting information into the GUI which user created (Support router setting using HTTP)
    * Flexible to create GUI by user
    * Remove or replace Yamaha logo as required

Information on customized GUI

Easy Implementation of Original Functions with Lua Script Programming

Enable to Run Lua Scripts and Control Router

  • Provide function which is not supported by existing command combination
  • Flexible combination of trigger condition
    e.g.) If the CPU load exceeds 60%, and the number of NAT entry exceeds 8000 in the table
  • Flexible defining operation at trigger detection
    e.g.) Shorten NAT timer and restrict service with IP filter

Information on Lua script function

What Is Lua Script?

  • Lua scripting language that is conscious of being embedded in other programs
  • Procedural programming, dynamic typing, and its syntax is similar to BASIC
  • Numerous installation cases, and plentiful performance (e.g., SimCity 4, World of Warcraft, Adobe Photoshop Lightroom, Wireshark)

Information on Lua Script

Flexible Customization On-Board by Executing Lua Script on Router

  • Flexible customization by user
    "If ----- occur, then execute -----"
  • Flexible customization on communication packets
    "Send operation status to third-party's service"
    "Receive commands from third-party's service and change setting"
  • Aggregate and analyze the communication status of multiple branches by combining scripts on IoT platform
  • Change router setting when detecting or predicting problems

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