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New Values in the
“Sound and Music Business”
Are Created by
“People Who Enjoy Challenges” President Takuya Nakata

President’s Message

Yamaha has issued its growth strategy focusing on businesses developed in China and other emerging markets and the electronics business in which further growth is anticipated. The President , Takuya Nakata would like to deliver a message regarding the diversity of human resources and technologies which are part of Yamaha’s strengths and share his expectation that you will help to create a more attractive “sound and music business”.

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I think that most people recognize Yamaha as a “musical instruments manufacturer” but such a definition is too limiting as our Company is characterized by its diversity. Yamaha’s business domain, “sound and music,” is filled with unique and inspiring technologies and ideas.

For example, in the electronics field, Yamaha employs professional audio (PA) equipment which enhances acoustic environment not only in concert halls but also in commercial facilities and public infrastructure. In addition, Yamaha creates technologies and products that add value by providing a new way to experience sound. Examples include VOCALOID software that synthesizes singing voices.

Also, in the acoustic musical instruments field where Yamaha has built up techniques for utilizing wood, metal, fiber, resin, and paint to create the optimum experience we do many things. For example, within a short period of time, new wood matured with our technology, A.R.E(Acoustic Resonance Enhancement) produces a tonal richness like that of well-used vintage instruments. I believe that Yamaha has a diverse range of technologies and processes, regardless of the fields in question.

However, among this diversification many ideas still hover at the level of “possibility.” To develop these ideas into businesses, it is necessary to realize synergies by connecting disparate elements. A case in point is the “hybrid piano” in which acoustic and electronic technologies are integrated. This is an example of achieving an exceptional result by taking on a challenge beyond the boundaries of conventional thinking while utilizing technologies that we have cultivated as a comprehensive instrument manufacturer. To realize our future growth strategy, such products are indispensable.

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In respect to the importance of “diversity,” a renowned carpenter specializing in building temples and shrines once said if wood cut down from the same mountain slope is used for a building frame, its structure becomes weak. On the other hand, wood from different places is twisted in different directions, so a sturdy building can be constructed by combining this wood.

The same applies to the structure of a company. Companies consisting of various types of people have the ability to respond to external changes and continue to move forward at all times. The source of such strength is the existence of employee individuality that is, a diversified “individual” power. Our recruitment activity is centered on seeking out individual qualities and values that go far beyond established borders. You do not have to squeeze yourself into a fixed pattern. This can be seen in our keyword for ideal human resource, ‘Go beyond the limits’

In junior high and high school, I formed a band and played the guitar. I was a big fan of The Beatles and Led Zeppelin, and I believe that part of their greatness is “doing something different from what others do.” I was different from the crowd too, always thinking “I don’t want to become stereotyped” and “there is no thrill in doing what others do.”

I joined Yamaha wanting to adhere to what I valued. As well as playing the guitar and synthesizer, I loved models and woodworking and thought that Yamaha best matched my preferences, “music” and “manufacturing.” “Love” is an extremely strong force and you easily get absorbed in work that you are interested in even though others see it as very hard. I’m sure the more difficulty you have doing something, the more pleasure you will get when you accomplish it.

If I had to say I have a skill, it would be to change things that are painstaking processes into pleasure. I have always viewed work that requires patience or difficult decisions as a “challenge.”
When we are faced with a “challenge,” we aim to discover the heart of each issue. Then, we work to develop optimal procedures and methods, to achieve our goals, and, thereby, transform challenges into strengths.

I would like to meet people who are willing to take on challenges and find them enjoyable. I believe that only people who constructively take on challenges can create results.

I had been working for Yamaha for 30 years when I was appointed President of Yamaha Corporation of America at very short notice in 2010. This was also a challenge. After travelling all over the world, I paused to realize the value of the “Yamaha brand” established by our forerunners. For example, when immigration officers would ask me about my job, all I had to do was just say “Yamaha.” Moreover, they told me that they and people close to them use Yamaha’s instruments. These were satisfying experiences that enabled me to realize that customers all over the world have become familiar with Yamaha.

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Brands cannot be built through advertisements alone; our brand can only be built when we never betray the trust customers place in Yamaha for the quality of its products and services. To build lasting brand value, we must look to the long term and stay one step ahead of our customers’ expectations.

More importantly, we have to not only maintain our brand but also devise means to make it shine more. For example, innovative products focusing on the younger generation, including “TENORI-ON” and “VOCALOID,” further enhance our brand value. In order to remain a brand that brings excitement and thrills and makes people think that “Yamaha has done something interesting again,” your young strength and sensibilities are key. The creation of an attractive “sound and music business” to brighten the Yamaha brand is exactly the multiplication of the diversity lying in each employee, whether they are responsible for technical or planning and sales work.

If you think you are up to the challenge then we look forward to hearing from you.