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Recruting Information

Hiring History

Players of Yamaha baseball club and wind instrument repair technicians are excluded.

Entry month April 2018 April 2019 April 2020(Schedule)
Engineering / Development 42 43 45
Sales / Planning 11 19 17
Total 53 62 62

* Educational Background
National and public universities, and private universities around Japan (including overseas universities), National Institute of Technology
*2 recruits joined the company in October 2019

Hiring Subject Areas

Engineering / Development

Mechanical, electrical, electron, information, acoustics, chemical, materials, physics and so on


Any university major fields (including science-related majors)

Job Descriptions


Product development, production technologies, manufacturing facility design, research and development, quality assurance, information system, material procurement, intellectual property, marketing, sales engineering (customer services) and so on


Marketing, sales, accounting, logistics, material procurement, legal affairs, information system, PR, product planning and so on

Hiring Qualification

Engineering / Development Graduates or prospective graduates of 4-year university/college, graduate schools, or technical colleges
Graduates of 4-year university/college, graduate school, or technical college with less than 5 years of work experience
Sales / Planning Graduates or prospective graduates of 4-year university/college, graduate schools
Graduates of 4-year university/college, graduate school, or technical college with less than 5 years of work experience

* Those who are able to work at home and overseas (Job transfer or relocation may be offered)


We do not manage human resources based on their educational background so please note that we are not able to introduce employees who graduate specific universities or colleges.

Items Details
Starting Salaries Doctoral degree) ¥257,000
Master degree) ¥236,500
Bachelor's degree) ¥212,500
Technical College Degree) ¥187,500
(2019, April, actual figures)
Allowances Overtime, family, area offices, cold district, outside sales, etc
Pay Raise Once per year (April)
Bonus Twice per year (June, December)
Holidays Annual Holiday (124 days, actual figures for FY 2018) including 2 days off per week, public holidays, Year-end and year-beginning holidays, Golden Week, Summer Holiday, Life-cycle holidays, sick leave, nursing leave, voluntary leave, self-development leave, maternity assistance leave, sick/injured child care leave, other special leave
Working Hours Standard working hours of the head office and factories / 8:15 ~ 17:00,
Standard working hours / 9:00 ~ 17:45
Flexible Working Hour System is available. Core working hours vary according to offices. Prescribed working hours: 7 hours 45 minutes
Overtime Work: 20.4 hours per month on average (actual figures for FY 2018)
Work Location The head office, factories, offices in Japan, affiliate companies, overseas offices
Benefits Social insurance (medical, employee pension, employment and workers' compensation), corporate pension system, welfare association, employees' stock ownership, employees' savings program, bachelors' dormitories, corporate housing, employee discounted purchase scheme, discount rates of Yamaha Resort, clinics, welfare halls, general playground, gymnasium etc
Trial Period 2 months