A key harmonica with 37 keys-enough to satisfy a pro

There are, broadly speaking, four kinds of key harmonica. The type with widest range is a three-octave instrument, which has 37 keys. The color and materials can be changed by special order, and there are even musicians who use tonally improved instruments on the stage. This instrument's tones are sometimes heard in the background music in commercials on the radio.

Yamaha Pianica range charts

Yamaha Pianica range charts

The double-hollow-layered, blow-molded case in which the Pianica is stored and carried around is so strong that it would not be harmed if a person stood on top it. If dropped, the hollow portions absorb some of the shock, carefully protecting the instrument. The lid opens up to an angle of around 120 degrees, making it convenient for use as a music stand.


To prevent damage to the keys, the pipe for table playing is stowed surrounding the instrument.