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What Yamaha Aims for

In its Medium-Term Management Plan "NEXT STAGE12" (April 2016 to March 2019), Yamaha positions the corresponding three years to work on enhancing its brand value and by doing so, improving profitability, aiming to become "an indispensable, brilliantly individual company", boosting brand power to become a highly profitable enterprise. As a numerical target, we aim for operating income ratio of 12% by FY2019.3.

[ Image ] Yamaha Medium-Term Management Plan 'NEXT STAGE12'

We have clarified our management vision, what we aim for in mid- to long period, in order to challenge the next high goals, as a group.

"Becoming an indispensable, brilliantly individual company"

-Boosting brand power to become a highly profitable enterprise-

We have set four key strategies aiming to enhance the competitive edge thorough differentiation with other companies and new value creation, maximize earning power from both the top line (sales) and the bottom line (profit), and implement efficient global business.

  1. Develop products with distinctive individuality
  2. Enhance customer interaction
  3. Continually reduce costs
  4. Strengthen global business platforms
Achieving operating income ratio of 12% (by FY2019.3)

Musical Instrument Business

Further raise profitability
(to 15% level of operating income ratio)

Audio Equipment Business

Expand business in line with Musical Instrument Business scale.
(20% of actual sales growth)

Industrial Machinery and Components Business

Establish a platform as the third key business

We aim to achieve operating income ratio of 12% by end of fiscal 2019, under the performance of 465 billion yen for net sales, 55 billion for operating income, ROE (rate of return on equity) at the 10% level, and EPS (earnings per share) at the \200 yen. Exchange rate assumptions are 115 yen for the US dollar and 125 yen for the euro.

[ Image ] A graph showing financial figures and target
*1. includes the recording of deferred tax assets
*2. includes the sale of a portion of shares in Yamaha Motor Co., Ltd