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Our Music

-Remote ensemble with all of Yamaha-

Yamaha has designated October 12, the anniversary of its founding, as "Yamaha Day," and holds internal events every year to give employees a moment to reflect on the Yamaha brand. For one of the events, "Our Music," a music video has been created with footage of performances submitted by Yamaha Group employees from around the world. These performances include some employees playing our instruments, and feature vocals, hand-clapping, dancing, and other activities that showcase the unique character of our employees.
Witness Yamaha Group employees enjoying music throughout their day-to-day tasks as part of their commitment to contributing to our corporate mission of " the well-being of people around the world."

Our Music 2023

Song used in “Our Music 2023”
Song title: Music, My Friend
Music and Lyrics by: Hiromi Itakura, Yukiyo Itakura, Hisae Kiyosawa
The song has been cherished for 20 years by kids and teachers at Yamaha Music Schools around the world, and is currently included in the Yamaha Music School's teaching materials for children.

Our Music (held in 2021)

Song used in “Our Music”
Song title: Good to see you, music
Music and Lyrics by: Ryuhei Sugawara
This is an original track inspired by "Ike no Ame” used in the Yamaha Music School commercial. The lyrics were translated into English based on a song produced as part of our "Good to see you, music (“Okaeri, Ongaku.”) " project.