Yamaha Group Green Procurement Policy

Based on our "Yamaha Group Environmental Policy", we at Yamaha have been promoting our environmental impact reduction activities through the life cycles of our products so that we can provide eco-friendly products to our users.
In order to further promote these activities, Yamaha will procure all parts and raw materials that we use to manufacture our products based on the following policy.

Preferential procurement of products, parts, and raw materials that have a low environmental impact
  • We procure products, parts, and raw materials that have eco-friendly features such as "reduction of substances of concern", "conservation of energy and prevention of global warming", and "recycling of resources and conservation of materials".
  • We check the system of controlling chemical substances contained in procured items.
Procurement from suppliers that are positively active in reducing environmental impact
  • We share information on our activities related to ensuring people's safety and reduction of environmental impact with our suppliers.
  • We procure parts, materials, etc. from suppliers that promote environmentally-friendly management.

Related document: Green Procurement Standards
Based on the above policy, we have set standards regarding green procurement in "Green Procurement Standards" for each business category.
Actions to take and operation procedures differ depending on the business category.