Green Procurement Standards

 At Yamaha, we have positioned activities to maintain and improve environment preservation as a priority within our corporate activities. We have continued to approach this from various angles. In 1994, we set the "YAMAHA'S POLICY ON THE ENVIRONMENT" outlining our basic policy regarding the environment protection. This clearly indicates our policy on the environment and the principles of our activity.

 Based on this policy, we have promoted our environment load reduction activities through a life cycle which covers "extraction of raw materials, manufacture of materials, production of products, distribution, usage, disposal and recycle" so that we may provide eco-friendly products to our users. To promote these activities, we started our Green Procurement activities in 2002 to procure materials from suppliers who are positively taking part in environment preservation. This allows us to procure materials which have a small environmental load throughout the product's life cycle.

 Our environment preservation activities aim to "reduce environment load substances", "conserve energy and prevent global warming" and "conserve resources and recycle materials", etc. We have set reduction of environment load substances as a main pillar of our Green Procurement activities while focusing on human health damage and environment pollution.

 Environment management system, quality management system and chemical substance control are the foundation of environment-friendly products. The "Environment Preservation Activities and Green Procurement" confirm the situation of procured materials, and confirm the state of environment-conscious management in our business partner activities.

[ image ] Basic concept for realizing environment-friendly oroducts

The green procurement activities are successful only when a partnership is formed with our suppliers.
We ask that our suppliers also work positively and continuously to preserve the environment, and cooperate with the investigations, etc., which we periodically conduct.