Information Disclosure and IR Activities (Communication with Shareholders and Investors)

  1. Information Disclosure Policy
  2. IR Activities
  3. Efforts Towards Socially Responsible Investment
  4. Returns to Shareholders and Retained Earnings

Proper information disclosure is critical for conducting continued transparent business operations with the true understanding of shareholders, investors, and other stakeholders. The Yamaha Group states in its Compliance Code of Conduct that it will provide a true and accurate report of financial conditions and operational results to its shareholders. This will be done in accordance with laws and other regulations, and shall be provided to shareholders and government entities. Appropriate management information is provided to shareholders and investors as well.

The Yamaha Group strives to disclose information in a fair and timely manner for the benefit of institutional and private investors in Japan and abroad. Rules for this disclosure are set forth in the Disclosure Policy, which is published on the Yamaha website.

  • *1 IR: Investor Relations(corporate communication for shareholders and investors)

Website for Investors

We have launched an English and Japanese website for investors on the Yamaha website that provides access to news as well as a mail magazine with up-to-date information on our business, including financial reports and data.

Proactive IR Activities

Yamaha makes effort to communicate with stockholders and investors in both Japan and overseas through regular events such as result briefings, and other events including business briefings for securities analysts/institutional investors, factory/facility tours, and explanatory meetings for private investors. The opinions and information gathered through dialogue with our stockholders and investors are shared internally among related departments, and these findings are reflected in our IR activities and execution of management.

Main activities
  Target Audience Timing Conducted in FY 2017
Results briefings Securities analysts
Institutional investors
Quarterly 4
Business briefings Same as above Irregular 1
Factory/facility tours Same as above Irregular 1
Individual sit-downs Same as above About 250 times/year 260
Overseas investor visits Overseas institutional investors 3 times/year (U.S., Europe, Asia) 3
Medium-term management plan briefings Securities analysts
Institutional investors
As needed 1
An explanatory meeting for private investors Private investors Irregular (in Japan) 1
[ image ] An explanatory meeting for private investors
An explanatory meeting for private investors
[ image ] A briefing for securities analysts and institutional investors to explain about Yamaha’s business strategies
A briefing for securities analysts and institutional investors to explain about Yamaha’s business strategies

In recognition for the company’s regard for society and the environment, Yamaha Corporation continues to be included in indexes in Japan and abroad that include the Socially Responsible Investment (SRI) indexes*2 and SRI funds. Among these SRI indexes are the FTSE4Good Global Index, MSCI Global Sustainability Indexes, and the Morningstar Social Responsibility Index (MS-SRI).

  • *2 SRI (Socially Responsible Investment) Index: An index that monitors movements in the share prices of companies grouped together selected for their outstanding financial and CSR qualities.

As one way of measuring financial soundness, each year Yamaha Corporation commissions a long-term preferred debt rating assessment from credit rating agencies. The results are shown below.

Credit Ratings (as of March 31, 2017)
Rating and Investment Information, Inc. (R&I) A
Japan Credit Rating Agency, Ltd. (JCR) A+

Information about the Company’s policy concerning returns to shareholders and retained earnings can be found below.

Shareholder benefits

Yamaha conducts a special incentive plan for shareholders in Japan.