The Yamaha Group aims to achieve a high level of compliance management not only by conforming with laws and regulations, but also through adherence to social norms and corporate ethics.
We have established the Working Group for Compliance under the Risk Management Committee to serve as the organization with primary responsibility over the setting of policy and consideration of items concerning compliance. In addition to formulating policies for ensuring compliance within the Yamaha Group, this working group shall monitor every department and Group company to ensure that business is being done ethically and according to law. It also takes measures aimed at maintaining sound business activities. These measures include providing training and education to employees, conducting questionnaires, and setting up help lines for internal reporting and consulting.

[ picture ] Compliance Promotion System
Compliance Promotion System

Activities of Working Group for Compliance Activities

4 meetings in FY 2019
Major Achievements
  • Examined activities to ensure compliance throughout the Group
  • Reported activities during Compliance Improvement Month
  • Promoted awareness of the Compliance Code of Conduct in Japan and revised and promoted awareness of the Code of Conduct overseas
  • Promoted various strategies in accordance with the fiscal 2019 important activities theme “Prevention of Sexual Harassment”

The Yamaha Group formulated the Compliance Code of Conduct in 2003 as the code of conduct for each company and individual employees. Since then, we have made revisions according to the changes in environment and social circumstances and developed individual language versions, promoting dissemination of the Compliance Code of Conduct.

Major Revisions to Date

Expanded on explanation concerning Code of Conduct and related laws (2011)
Unified our terminology and expressions to reflect the change to our Corporate Philosophy and group policies. Our expressions associated with Japanese laws were revised to globally-accepted expressions. (2016)

Country-Specific Versions

The global versions (Japanese and English) were referenced to create Codes of Conduct in languages spoken by each country in which we have a Group company in order to comply with the laws of those countries. We also created explanatory booklets.

[ photo ] Overseas versions of the Code of Conduct booklet
Overseas versions of the Code of Conduct booklet

Publication of Compliance Code of Conduct Booklets

The Yamaha Group publishes and distributes to all its employees in Japan a booklet that describes in detail the Group’s Compliance Code of Conduct. In addition to these efforts, we also make the booklet available in PDF format on our intranet.

Code of Conduct recipients
  • All Yamaha Group employees in Japan (including part-time staff working under employment contracts) and temporary staff
  • Promote awareness with booklet and PDF version overseas
Code of Conduct education efforts
  • Code of Conduct explanations were given as part of a compliance program in stratified training for employees
  • Conducted read throughs at information sessions and within departments every time revision were made (Yamaha departments and domestic Group companies)

Compliance Improvement Month

The Yamaha Group has designated October as the month to bolster compliance every year in line with Keidanren’s Corporate Ethics Promotion Month, and is working on a number of initiatives in this regard.

Major Efforts in FY 2019

  • Put up posters to promote awareness
  • Held legal training on achieving compliance with the Antimonopoly Act and Act Against Delay in Payment of Subcontract Proceeds, etc., to Subcontractors (Subcontract Act) (10 sessions held, 220 participants)
  • Conducted a survey of employee awareness related to compliance; announced results

Intranet activities to promote awareness

Every month, the Yamaha Group posts content for domestic employees on the Intranet in order to raise important points regarding compliance and to promote awareness of this among employees. This content includes “Compliance News,” which explains concepts in an easy-to-read four-panel comic strip; “Compliance Quiz,” which allows employees to learn key points in a short amount of time; and “Compliance Mini-test,” which allows employees to check their awareness levels.

Training and Seminars for Sexual Harassment Prevention

The domestic Yamaha Group held internal training sessions centered on the fiscal 2018 important activities theme “Prevention of Sexual Harassment.”
In compliance seminars based on the theme of “preventing harassment in the workplace,” outside instructors taught employees about the impact that harassment has on company activities, the importance of preventing harassment, and prevention strategies related to various cases, including sexual harassment, maternity harassment, and power harassment. As another sexual harassment prevention training session, at each workplace the company held danger prevention training related to sexual harassment in order to raise the awareness of all employees toward this problem.

Employee awareness surveys

In July 2018, the Group conducted employee awareness surveys related to compliance for employees of domestic Group Companies. This survey will be held once every three years to mitigate risks by regularly measuring employee compliance risk.
In fiscal 2019, the Group conducted this survey of employees of overseas Group Companies for the first time. This survey was able to confirm the level of awareness of the Code of Conduct and help lines.

To confirm and improve compliance within the Yamaha Group, we conducted monitoring of compliance status at the Yamaha Corporation and Group companies on a regular basis.

Summary of Compliance Status Monitoring
Respondents Yamaha departments and Group companies (49 companies)
Content Reviewing of the system for promoting compliance, methods for familiarizing employees with the Code of Conduct, status of education being systematically offered, establishment of internal reporting systems, number of reports made
Frequency Once/year
  • * For questionnaire conducted in April 2018

The Yamaha Group has set up help lines (internal and external) for whistleblowers aimed at providing consultation and taking internal reports related to compliance-related matters.
In Japan, we provide both internal and external help lines. The internal help line provides support by telephone, fax, email, and mail, while the external help line (legal adviser's office) fields inquiries via fax, email, and mail.
In August 2017, we set up an overseas online help line which can receive requests in 16 different languages.
Contact information for these help lines is provided in Compliance Code of Conduct booklets and on posters put up at Yamaha Group companies, and the system is advertised on such occasions as questionnaires and training sessions.
Internal rules that establish means to protect whistleblowers have been put in place to ensure that those who make sincere reports will not suffer reprisal.
As an effort to prevent the reoccurrence of such issues and promote better compliance, the issue is discussed at theme-based training at all workplaces involved and at stratified training.
The Company started training related to the handling of requests at overseas subsidiaries at the time the overseas online help lines were set up. In FY 2019, training sessions were held in three countries.
A total of 34 reports and requests for consultation were made to the help line in FY 2018.
As of FY 2019, a majority of the consultations and reports concerned were labor-related and concerned issues such as harassment and employment problems.
Although the help lines are intended primarily for regular Yamaha Group employees, temporary staff and certain contracted staff are also permitted to make reports via the help lines. In FY 2019, there were two reports and requests for consultation from non-regular employees.

Reports to the Compliance Help Line
  Name Provided Anonymous Total
FY 2015 25 6 31
FY 2016 19 7 26
FY 2017 26 13 39
FY 2018 34 13 47
FY 2019 25 9 34