Responsible Participation in Politics

  1. Relationships with Governments, Local Governments and Public Institutions
  2. Political Contributions

With respect to involvement in politics and policies, the Yamaha Group aims to demonstrate good faith in formulating and promoting policy that benefits not only our stakeholders but society as a whole.
Guided by this philosophy, we maintain appropriate relationships with the governments and politicians in accordance with prescriptions concerning relationships with such in the Yamaha Compliance Code of Conduct.

The Yamaha Group takes a neutral stance toward political parties and politicians, and it complies with the Public Office Election Law, the Political Funds Control Law and other laws and ordinances related to politics. It prohibits contributions to an individual politician since it is prohibited by law, and to a political organization or party in excess of the permissible amount under the law.
Under authoritative regulations for political contributions of 500,000 yen or more, it is mandatory for Yamaha Corporation to obtain approval of the company president, consult with the General Administration Division, the Corporate Finance Division and the Legal Division, as well as confirm the contribution with the Executive Officers in charge of internal audits. Group companies are also required to conform to the restrictions placed on each country’s political fund control laws when making political contributions or payments of any kind to politically-related persons or persons belonging to public institutions in addition to the same regulations as Yamaha Corporation.
Furthermore, the Executive Officers in charge of internal audits carry out an audit of political contributions every April and determine whether or not these rules are being appropriately obeyed throughout the Group.