Fair Trade Practice

  1. Basic Policy
  2. Mechanisms and Policies for Ensuring Fair Competition and Trade
  3. Fair Competition Violations

The Yamaha Group does not engage in any unfair trading practices or unjust practices designed to restrict competition, and makes every effort to ensure fair competition, the bedrock of healthy development in a market economy.
Moreover, as a partner working closely with its suppliers, Yamaha strives to maintain trusting relationships by proactively practicing fair trade. Yamaha familiarizes all its employees with rules governing corporate practices concerning market competition and rules regarding the maintenance of fair relationships with suppliers as laid out in the Yamaha Compliance Code of Conduct.

Our accounting system employs mechanisms that allow for managing business conducted with subcontractors and preventing payment delays.
Furthermore, through opportunities that include conferences with Procurement Department employees, we inform internal departments of related standards and notifications from the government regarding the Subcontract Act as part of measures to stay abreast of and familiarize employees with legal requirements.

Legal Training for Fair Trade Practices

In Japan, the manufacturing industry in particular heavily relies upon subcontracting and, as such, fair trade is an important topic. Every year, the Yamaha Group conducts training on laws and regulations including the Subcontractors Act, the Antimonopoly Act, and consumer laws. In fiscal 2017, a total of approx. 220 employees from domestic group companies participated in the Antimonopoly Act and the Subcontractors Act training programs. In addition to this legal training was held for Yamaha Music Entertainment Holdings Inc., whose main business is software, which differs from the manufacturing industry.
Moreover, within a personnel development program suited to career stages, we disseminate knowledge regarding compliance points specifically relating to fair trade.
In Europe, we prevent unfair trade practices such as resale price fixing among retailers by stipulating this clearly in business agreements and educating employees.

Legal training*
(Yamaha Corporation and domestic Group companies)
  FY 2015 FY 2016 FY 2017
Legal training participants About 250 About 180 About 220

*Total participants

[ image ] Legal training
Legal training

In FY 2017 the competent authority identified two cases of fair competition violations within the Yamaha Group.
Yamaha Music Communications Co., Ltd., which designs, produces, manufactures, and sells music and video software, received an on-site inspection by the Small and Medium Enterprise Agency. An error was pointed out in the company's order form content along with one outstanding case of payment not being made within 60 days after product delivery. The company has taken corrective action and submitted remedial measures.
As a result of on-site inspection conducted at the end of FY 2017, the Golf HS Division of Yamaha also received word that its order forms contained errors. Corrective action has been taken for these errors and remedial measures have been submitted.