Prevention of Corruption

  1. Anti-corruption Policy
  2. Efforts to Be Thorough in Preventing Corruption

In accordance with the United Nations Global Compact, the Yamaha Group has declared its intention to work against corruption, which is one of the Global Compact’s principles. The Group also stipulates in its Compliance Code of Conduct that it rejects improper relationships with customers, governments, local governments and public institutions and that it will engage only in fair dealings.

The Yamaha Group has established and implements rules on entertainment and gift-giving for each department, based on the Yamaha Compliance Code of Conduct. In addition, Yamaha’s legal department conducts activities to raise awareness among Group companies concerning international conventions and regulations to prevent corruption, such as the prohibition of bribery of public servants. At Group companies overseas, we make an effort to understand risks related to corruption, such as indirect gift-giving by our business partners, not only by the Group itself.

Risk of Gift-Giving in Business Activities

In countries where specific business activities for educational institutions and public venues or construction of factories require approval from government bodies, the Yamaha group is required to negotiate with government institutions. Yamaha is aware that the risk of gift-giving is high in business domains and countries such as these, and is engaging in efforts as a response to this risk.
In regards to specific regions, Yamaha particularly focuses its efforts on the BRICs countries, which rank high in the corruption perception index run by Transparency International, an NGO for the prevention of corruption, and Indonesia, where Yamaha has many group companies.

Preventing Gift-Giving to Public Servants in Japan and Overseas

Yamaha’s overseas group companies have a particularly high awareness of the issue of giving gifts to public servants. Practically all of our overseas group companies (31 out of 33 companies) either have measures in place to discipline employees who commit bribery, or the ability to discipline employees.
Meanwhile, only around 30% of our overseas group companies have established concrete countermeasures regarding the risk of gift-giving by their business partners, an issue that we know requires attention in the future.

System, Measures, and Training for the Prevention of Corruption

In order to prevent unfair trade practices such as bribery, Yamaha Group companies, mainly overseas, take various measures.
Also, we require both Japanese and overseas group companies to conduct self-assessments in order to assess compliance status including prevention of corruption.

Discovered Cases of Corruption

There were no reports of bribery at Yamaha in fiscal 2018 by any person claiming to be a Yamaha supplier or employee.