Fair Operating Practices

The Yamaha Group takes great efforts to maintain fair operating practices by complying with laws, regulations, and social norms to contribute to the healthy development of the market economy society.
Based on the Compliance Code of Conduct, the Yamaha Group is aiming for the proper management of intellectual assets, the construction and maintenance of fair relationships by eliminating questionable relationships with suppliers or other related parties, and fair competition by complying with the Anti-Monopoly Act and banning the use of unfair comparative advertisements. Furthermore, the Group is educating its employees in order for all of its members to comply with these standards.
In addition to internal efforts, the Group is expressing its policies related to the respect of human rights, labor and safety, and fair trade to suppliers in order to promote sustainability throughout the supply chain of raw materials and components. At the same time, the Group is engaged in sustainability procurement initiatives in collaboration with business partners, such as by requesting cooperation in compliance efforts.