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Initiatives at Yamaha

Yamaha Musical do Brasil 50 year Special Celebration with Sopro Novo Orchestra Recital

Yamaha DE&I Committee joined forces with Sopro Novo Foundation to celebrate the 50 year anniversary in a special and inclusive way.

The Sopro Novo Orchestra Recital was hosted in the Auditorium of Yamaha Musical do Brasil (YMDB) Office on May 20th, 2023. A Non-Governmental Organization (NGO) of mothers and fathers that embraces their children and fights for their equity and inclusion, were invited to join the recital in celebration of Mother’s Month. All YMDB members and their families were also invited, and after the musical experience, a roundtable discussion was organized to highlight the importance and the impact of the family embracing these teenagers.

[Photo] Sopro Novo Orchestra Recital report

YMDB has been engaged in activities that emphasize Diversity, Equity & Inclusion (DE&I) for some time. We have worked on various activities following a special DE&I program, called “Equalize” with a specific calendar. There is also a committee composing of a diverse voluntary group from across the company. Our aim is to share the importance of inclusivity for all groups, overcome biases, increase the sense of belonging among the employees, and promote the idea that Music is for Everyone, contributing in an inclusive way across Brazilian society.

Unfortunately, Brazil is a country with a great number of violent cases against LGBTQ+ members. Through YMDB’s initiatives, we try to share the importance of family and friends’ support for LGBTQ+ from adolescence. This will also strengthen the respect to all groups.

Some of YMDB employees commented…
“In our company, the factor I consider the most challenging is the change in the organization's culture, affecting all employees. There are structural prejudice and unknowns.”
“The resistance to something new. As it is an environment in which everyone has been inserted for a long time, any change generates resistance, the environment itself is diverse in age, religion, class, culture and race and what I see as a challenge is to broaden the different opinions.”

Many YMDB staff have been trying to contribute and build a more inclusive environment not only in the company, but also in our society. Here are some of their voices…
“I am seeing a beneficial change, even in the face of polarities of opinion. With the entry of a more humanized generation into the labour market with more inclusive activities.”
“From actions like this, yes. I am confident that one day we will bring a more equal society that judges only on work and not appearance.”
“Despite the resistance, in general we are all open to listening and discussing.”
“In recent years, there has been a significant increase in awareness and recognition of the importance of inclusion in various sectors of society. People are increasingly engaging in promoting diversity, equity and inclusion in their communities, organizations and work environments. This increase can be attributed to increasing access to information and knowledge about issues related to inclusion, through social media, awareness campaigns and public discourses. In addition, many organizations are adopting diversity and inclusion policies, setting goals and initiatives to ensure that everyone is valued and respected. However, it is important to recognize that people's level of willingness to contribute to inclusion can vary.”

[Photo] Sopro Novo Orchestra Recital report
[Photo] Sopro Novo Orchestra Recital report

The concept of the event is to celebrate YMDB’s 50th anniversary by sharing the embodiment across all groups, increasing the sense of belonging amongst our YMDB team, spreading the idea that Music is for Everyone, and contributing in an inclusive way to Brazilian society.

Collaboration with NGOs is essential for building an inclusive society and companies that embrace all groups can effectively contribute to a world that strives for harmony and respect. Teenagers and their families who participated in the event commented…
“We feel that music is inclusive, it is social in nature.”
“Bringing music and musicality to our children is really necessary. Through music they feel part of something bigger, with a warm feeling in their hearts.”
“When we are in a musical environment, we can express ourselves better. So, without a doubt, music is essential.”

A member of Sopro Novo declares, “I believe that companies could engage their staff to value differences between peers and include the LGBTQ+ theme in the company's internal actions. Inclusion, information, guidelines aimed at respect, and inclusion and training policies, inside and outside the work environment. Information and inclusion, what matters is the intellectual capacity, not the personal privacy of each one, nor some physical limitations.”

[Photo] Sopro Novo Orchestra Recital report
[Photo] Sopro Novo Orchestra Recital report

Through this kind of initiative, we hope to share the importance of family and friends support from adolescence, and also strengthen the respect to all groups. At YMDB we are initiating a change from the inside out, making the Yamaha team aware of the importance of a work environment with psychological safety, contributing to society in an inclusive way, and spreading our passion with music.

[Photo] Sopro Novo Orchestra Recital report

Music is for Everyone!

It is essential to continue educating and making people aware of the importance of inclusion, promoting an open dialogue, mutual respect and opportunities for everyone to contribute. In this way, it is possible to build a more inclusive and welcoming environment for everyone. We believe that at this point Yamaha stands out from many companies, as it always seeks to create situations, events and lectures that help us understand the importance of inclusion.

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