[Main visual] PRIDE MONTH 2023


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Sound and Music is for Everyone

As we continue to understand, respect and support the LGBTQ+ community,
our aim is to recognize and promote a diverse music culture that allows everyone to express themselves,
enhancing the well-being of people around the world.

Pride Stories

Susi Pireli

Paula Trama, Inés Copertino

Drama Pop in a Queer-Fantasy Universe Bubble

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[Thumbnail] Ellen Krauss

Ellen KraussSinger songwriter

The story of a 21st Century Sapphic Icon

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[Thumbnail] Felipe Araujo

Felipe AraujoConductor of the Orchestra Sopro Novo Paulista

Love should have no barriers - A conversation with Felipe Araujo towards a society where everyone can live comfortably

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[Thumbnail] João Bridi

João BridiTeacher and conductor

Respect and empathy - João Bridi believes in the power of music to make a positive change

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[Thumbnail] Tokyo Rainbow Pride 2023

Tokyo Rainbow Pride 2023

Celebrating diversity together with the LGBTQ+ community ― Yamaha Corporation joins Tokyo Rainbow Pride 2023

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[Thumbnail] Sopro Novo Orchestra Recital

Sopro Novo Orchestra Recital

Yamaha Musical do Brasil 50 year Special Celebration with Sopro Novo Orchestra Recital

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