[Thumbnail] Ana María Orduz

Ana María OrduzPianist, Teacher and Entrepreneur

"Be aware of our capacity, observe your peers and own the power of unity."

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[Thumbnail] Anita Dey

Anita DeyElementary school music teacher

"Find the spark that inspires your musical creativity and let it light your world."

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[Thumbnail] Cristal Angelica Velloso

Cristal Angelica VellosoThe artistic and pedagogical director of Yamaha Sopro Novo Foundation

"Humanity must seek the good of all without distinction of gender, race, creed, social level or age. Only then will we have a better world."

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[Thumbnail] Erin Busch

Erin BuschComposer, Educator and Cellist

“Even if your community doesn’t seem to welcome you, or doesn’t have resources for you, don’t give up.”

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[Thumbnail] Estefane Santos

Estefane SantosTrumpet player and teacher

"Just as other women musicians have welcomed me, I believe it will also help the next generations."

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[Thumbnail] Florencia Saravia

Florencia SaraviaAudio engineering educator

"The connection with women is very important."

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[Thumbnail] Julie Duty

Julie DutyEducator

“My relationship with education is everything.” 

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[Thumbnail] Larissa Muniz

Larissa MunizMilitary warrant officer

"The opportunities are there, just run after it, dedicate yourself and things will happen naturally."

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[Thumbnail] Marisa Lacorte

Marisa LacortePianist, Piano teacher

"Women are born powerful."

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[Thumbnail] Mónica Del Valle

Mónica Del ValleDrummer and Percussionist

"I try to let my work speak for me so that other girls know that anything they set their mind to, they can achieve."

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[Thumbnail] Mônica Giardini

Mônica GiardiniConductor

"Never underestimate music. It is not just entertainment. It is divine, it is healing, and it deserves consideration and respect."

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[Thumbnail] Tara Davidson

Tara DavidsonSaxophonist, Composer, Arranger, Band leader, Educator

"There is an undeniable feeling of camaraderie when I get to experience performing with other women."

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[Thumbnail] Viviane Louro

Viviane LouroEducator that embraces inclusive music education

"Don't give up...resist...never let others tell you what you can and can't do. Music is for everyone, FOR SURE!"

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[Thumbnail] Zoe Gotusso

Zoe GotussoArtist

"Follow your dreams and do whatever you want. Don’t try to be great like other people. You’re going to be great in your own way."

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