Sustainable Consumption

Both companies and consumers are pressed with the urgent task of moving toward more sustainable production and consumption to escape from the cycle of massive production and waste that is destroying our environment and depleting our resources. The Yamaha Group is considerate of the environment and society, with regard to such matters as resource recycling and decarbonization, in its procurement of materials and its provision of products and services while promoting the shift toward more sustainable consumption patterns by encouraging others to practice such consideration.

In order to spread the use of products and services that are designed with consideration paid to the environment and society and respond to the rising concern regarding environmental preservation among customers, the Yamaha Group discloses examples of its initiatives to make products more considerate of the environment on its corporate website.
In 2015, the Group launched the Yamaha Eco-Products Program to promote product development that is considerate of environmental issues. By attaching the Yamaha Eco-Label to products certified as Yamaha Eco-Products through this program, we aim to provide customers with easy-to-understand environment-related information to aid them in their choices of products.

It is possible to use high-quality instruments for many years with proper maintenance and repairs and replacements of parts. The Yamaha Group strives to extend the lifespans of its products by developing instrument maintenance and repair technique and service systems, operating a piano renewal business, and upgrading Electone products through parts exchanges so that they can be used for many years.

Instrument Maintenance and Repair Technique and Service Systems

We are developing maintenance and repair service systems for acoustic instruments such as pianos and wind instruments.

Repair Technician Training
The Piano Technical Academy for training piano tuners and the Wind Instrument Technical Academy for fostering technicians specializing in wind instruments have been set up at factories producing the respective instruments. At these facilities, the Yamaha Group instructors with exceptional insight pertaining to instruments support those aspiring to become specialist technicians with finely tuned curricula grounded in their expertise. After completing these programs, the newly trained repair technicians provide after-sales services at the Yamaha Group sales agents across Japan.
Maintenance Support for Musical Instrument Users
We are providing knowledge and skills regarding musical instruments by offering maintenance guidebooks and holding maintenance workshops to ensure that musical instruments are consistently maintained in the best condition.

Piano Renewal Business

After collecting Yamaha pianos that are no longer used at customer homes or other locations, Yamaha Piano Service Co., Ltd., repairs, repaints, tunes, and adds additional muffling materials before returning the instrument to market as a refurbished piano. These refurbished pianos perform the same as new pianos. This process saves precious resources by allowing the product to be used again.

Electone Vitalize/Grade-Up Units

Based on the desire for our customers to be able to continue using their beloved Electone unit for a long time, we offer services to upgrade products to a higher grade or newer model purely through unit exchanges. These services include the installation of grade- up units that can transform Electones into higher grades as required based on the skill of the user and their intended application as well as vitalize units for raising the performance of older Electone models to the level of the latest models. Exchanging units in this manner allows customers to continue using their beloved Electone even longer by extending its lifespan, which also helps conserve resources.

Piano Add-On Units

The Yamaha Group is selling add-on units so that customers can enjoy their pianos for a longer time in a range of situations. Such units include the Piano Silent Unit, which adds a silent function, and the Disklavier Control Unit, which adds a wealth of content and colorful functions to pianos incorporating an automatic performance function.