Sustainable Consumption

  1. Provision of Information Related to Environmental Consideration in Products
  2. Initiatives to Improve Longevity of Products

In order to spread products and services considering environment and society, and meet rising awareness toward environmental preservation among customers, the Yamaha Group discloses examples of environmental consideration initiatives of its products on its website.
In 2015, the Group began attaching the Yamaha Eco-Label to products certified as Yamaha Eco-Products in order to promote product development which considers environmental issues. The aim of the program is to provide customers with environment-related information and facilitate recognition that our products meet the Eco-Products standards when they are selecting an item to purchase.

Status of Yamaha Eco-Products Program (as of March 31, 2018)

In fiscal 2018, the Yamaha Group newly certified 16 models, bringing the total number of models certified as of March 31, 2018 to more than 320, with 31 bearing the Yamaha Eco Label.

[ image ] Yamaha Eco-Label
Yamaha Eco-Label

It is possible to use high quality instruments for many years with proper maintenance and repairing or replacing parts. Yamaha is striving to improve the longevity of its products by developing a system for instrument maintenance/repair technicians and services, operating a piano renewal business, and upgrading Electone products through a parts exchange so that they can be used for many years.

Development of system for instrument maintenance and services

We are taking efforts to develop a system for maintenance and repair services for acoustic instruments such as pianos and wind instruments.

Technician training
Maintenance support for musical instrument users
We are providing knowledge and skills regarding musical instruments by offering a maintenance guidebook and holding maintenance workshops to ensure that musical instruments are consistently maintained in the best condition.

Piano Renewal Business

After collecting Yamaha pianos which are no longer used in the home, etc., Yamaha Piano Services repairs, repaints, tunes, and adds additional muffling materials before returning the instrument to market as a renewal piano. These refurbished pianos perform the same as new pianos. This process saves precious resources by allowing the product to be used again.

Electone Vitalize/Grade Up Unit

Based on the desire for our customers to be able to continue using a beloved Electone unit for a long time, we offer a service to upgrade products to the newest model through unit exchanges.